“I kept cussing my soul for it was unleashed now. It kept racing and crossing the limits I maintained, sinceĀ  forever. Possession tricked me, Love, already swallowed me half. However, the consequences, I’m afraid are not the kind to be openly shared. For they won’t be as pleasing as literature. Diabolical they might be, I conceive a doubt. Perhaps ugly too. But then again, they follow you, My love. Hence, As devastated I might sound I promise, It still keeps me. Keeps me obsequent And feeds on my innocence. Possession occurred to me in abundance which I am not accustomed … Continue reading

One Hypothetical Death Note

I greet everyone, people I have known, people who have known me and the rest connected ones. I am going to end my life. I am quiet certain about my decision, which by the way is an outcome of not sheer depression, but knowledge. Knowledge of everything and everyone closely enough to end up disliking it all. Knowledge of differences between lies and real lies. Observation and a vibrant  mind, these have been my strength which ironically lead me to be this weak, or I’d say made me a quitting person. I have had days of my life, where I’v … Continue reading One Hypothetical Death Note

You had me at the Goodbye you made.

You had me at Goodbye I remember you, My person as you were. I could see how sometimes, A few emotions are just so much connected to a single person that they live along and die as that person leaves. Now, I carry graves. I remember, How you watered lilies and waited for roses to blossom. How you knew everything, every time Until, it was too late. I remember, How you made promises And I kept them always Only to find myself holding the most volatile designation in your life. I could see how people lie between those true lines … Continue reading You had me at the Goodbye you made.

My Silhouettes, Your Shine.

You are an art I discovered, in this journey of time. I recollect memories As when I drew these dark images Struggling to express my own definition of happiness and life. Through the only colour I had, black. Yet, I made improper shapes and proper details. Complicated and serene. Purest of my emotional velvet, green. I kept these imaginations and stories clandestine I had least hope to find silhouettes, I created In someone I can call mine. And then, I met you, Dear most. Your reflections and rhymes. Your oldest soul shined, Spreading glitters to those black, deep black drawings … Continue reading My Silhouettes, Your Shine.

A Raw Love Letter.

Dearest, If you’ve chosen me, you must be non routine. If you’ve fallen in love with me, you must be brave. As I scribble through these lines trying to pour a rather framed, fabricated version of all the disaster that I carry, I would mention that If I hold you today, I’ll hold you even tighter tomorrow. I’d be interested in everything you are scared  to reveal. I’d observe what you speak when you look for silence Or what you feed yourself when you are more than hungry Or maybe where exactly you hide your demons. I’d count not your … Continue reading A Raw Love Letter.

Pretentious Flesh.

How often are these eyes used so ironically, Seeing only the outside. Particular and stuck Damned by that shape Them perfect abs And skinny ass Those salad diets and crop tops To show it The body, greatly made. But to improve the mind, Ah, heart ache. And to believe that, The shape of your flesh Over your not so uniquely shaped skeleton Means everything. You’re ready for life. However, What about soul detoxification? About taking soul on a diet, a strict diet? What if it’s heavier than the body can ever be? Or has lacked nutrition, pathetically. These ounces take … Continue reading Pretentious Flesh.

Low Lines.

It’s funny how people and universe are so related and not related at the very same time. I carry this. I keep failing at looking through things, constantly. I keep knowing right Yet, keep practising wrong. It won’t be incorrect if i call my life ordinary But myself, extraordinary I watch clouds for hours only to see something more than just clouds There are nights which bring thoughts to me instead of sleep, Meticulously arranged thoughts There are hopes clashing with realities Rather brutally. I wonder, How we keep desiring and defending emotions, Pretty simultaneously. How people meet unplanned and … Continue reading Low Lines.

Your Rhyme.

‘Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.” You are never properly accustomed to happiness Yet you are always vulnerable to grief. You are a whole universe on your own. However, your dearest and bravest heart needs another heart to weep. And this fear leads the urges forever Love is what you seek Apathy is what you admire And confusion is where you are positioned. You admit less of your needs And boast more of your walls, Walls, you build higher after each heartbreak of yours. Sometimes your walls consummate you, Other times they’re attacked and sullied. Rarest … Continue reading Your Rhyme.

You are a whole world, all at once.

Time speeds as I get close, Closer to the end of this Moments freeze in my mind, Like snow settling for a lifetime Is this unreal Is this too real I might just not know, But what I know remains here, even when you go. You are a whole world, all at once. You are a whole world, all at once. Someday when you are gone, Sipping beverages, I’ll smile about the way you smile. Or just close my eyes To keep the tears inside They’ll call me a lover They’ll call me a loser I might just not know. … Continue reading You are a whole world, all at once.

Grow up or grow you?

There have been wars inside my soul, Bloodshed. Tragically it is The mere circumstance. I did learn to respond and not to react on my way to adulthood. However, This reluctance towards maturity led me to this day. I’m afraid, the reactions inside me are still vibrantly available. They need half of an invitation Or just a sign. They’ll flow out of me like that of a flood. Causing destruction, invisibly. Adulthood, yet not reached. But the amount of change tells me I am on the right way And the amount of acceptance tells me that I am close. But … Continue reading Grow up or grow you?