The After Midnight Cake.

Cake, well not actually the delicious and aphrodisiacal cake but the mind. And just like any other cake, the mind splits into parts after midnight. A part gets the cherry, another gets the sugar candy and some other get the gummy bears. What we are relating to this is what we actually think, while we get mentally dressed up to finally close our eyes and sleep, actually sleep. So finally when you lay down, grabbing the blanket from all sides onto your bed. And you realise you aren’t actually that drowsy, but no fool would get up and act productive … Continue reading The After Midnight Cake.

The Goodness Chart !

The Goodness Chart. Since forever, we all are taught about morals. The importance of goodness, happiness and ofcourse the very prominent statement ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ These lessons although fascinate a big part of our childhood but finally when life happens to all of us, we create our own theories and God knows when we become more of ourselves and less of what we were taught. Speaking of goodness, it’s a fact that it survives everywhere. Some kill it, some pretend to keep it alive and others just don’t understand how to show it. The goodness of the world … Continue reading The Goodness Chart !

How to win an election in India!

Well, the answer is going to be pretty much lame and a lot amateur but trust me on this, it will definitely make a lot of sense.  Although there exists a lot of ways to win an election in Hindustan because I suspect its the only country where flippancy is powerful than preciseness. Nevertheless, I sum at four ways. 1. Bucks! Exactly it is. We know two India, One which our textbooks described back in school days and another which actually survives among politics. And the secret is, the second one isn’t that democratic it’s rather plutocratic. So just be … Continue reading How to win an election in India!

More Chopsticks, Less Noodles .

China! They say if China gets sad altogether, 42% of the earth would be sad. So China don’t! China has a big big area of more than 9 Billion sq. Kms holding a 4th place in the world’s largest countries. Well congratulations China! Because right now that’s one of the very few things that might make you happy honey. The apparent reason being, Yuan, the currency of China is declining subsequently. And worse to this, USA and UK are finally climbing up the graph, they are recovering guys. So this hits me with the situation quote, ‘It’s bad when I … Continue reading More Chopsticks, Less Noodles .