The After Midnight Cake.

Cake, well not actually the delicious and aphrodisiacal cake but the mind.
And just like any other cake, the mind splits into parts after midnight.
A part gets the cherry, another gets the sugar candy and some other get the gummy bears.

What we are relating to this is what we actually think, while we get mentally dressed up to finally close our eyes and sleep, actually sleep.

So finally when you lay down, grabbing the blanket from all sides onto your bed.
And you realise you aren’t actually that drowsy, but no fool would get up and act productive while he is once settled in his bed.
So you scold yourself a bit mentally to have arrived the bed a little early than necessary but the very next moment your heavenly cosiness compels you to stop.
So, there you are lying.
Maybe facing the ceiling, maybe facing the window or maybe not even realising what you are actually looking at.
Lights are off, sounds are more audible.
Clock clicks every second and you wonder this god damn watch makes a sound every freaking second and you never happen to hear that.
A wrist watch makes a sound?
And there comes a sound from somewhere near your stomach and your mind flows into biology.
You are suddenly happy that your gall bladder is secreting proper fluids or maybe your pancreas is secreting enough digestive acids.
Captured by the voices and realisations you already are and bamn! You are embarrassed.
Because your smart brain actually disturbed you.
It says, ” You idiot, you seriously will waste your time being mesmerized by the sound of your intestines? If you are not drowsy, for heaven’s sake think sense.”

As instructed, you terminate your sound energy mission, hold your pillow tighter and dive into thoughts.
There comes not one, but a flood of thoughts to your mind.
And now is when, your mind becomes a cake and there you go!
You start slicing the parts.

The Unsaid Part.
It is about the poems in your head which you never actually recited.
Maybe a love confession, a curious question, a bold statement or just a hug.
All those stuff which you know you could have done but you didn’t.
Something stopped you.
Maybe the moment, maybe your own soul or just life.
But something did.
This part holds a lot of weight individually.
Because no one ever emptied the entire self to anyone.
We all keep stuff. That stuff which only you can create and you can understand.

Regret and strange curiosity is all what you taste in this part.

The Fear Part.

You don’t know from where, but a light wind blows through your mind leaving you afraid.
Suddenly your mind opens up the jar of the past and your eyebrows contract.
And without even you noticing, your mind plugs in a PowerPoint presentation of the pathetic parts you lived.
Slideshow begins in your mind.
You close your eyes at this moment,  you hear the voices too.
You distract your self, believing that you can control your mind now but this fear, it really is shaking your cells.

The sour Goosebumps is all what you taste in this part.

The Imagination Part. 
It’s actually a voluntary part.
Shaken by the Goosebumps, now you decide to tryst with your imaginations.
At night things are extreme.
Hence, you sum up your day dreams and fantasies and start to mentally sketch some moments you wish they occur in your life.
Maybe a beautiful date with the love of your life, or a success party or else maybe what you keep wishing simultaneously at the corner of your mind.
You happen to smile after two previous parts of sour flavours.
And while you are into this process, you suddenly realise that you might be hungry.
Oh crap!
Who gets up now.

Well, smile is only what you taste in this part.
Because to really live your imaginations you know, you always have to wait.

The Realisations Part.
You feel thirsty too till you reach this really crucial part of the cake of your mind.
But you happen to ignore it because your are really enjoying this discussion going on your mind.
Leaving you to feel so many things and making no noise at all.
You believe in miracle for a minute and then you stop at realisations.
Midnight  actually make things look clear, although it’s dark.
Ironically enough, here is when your feel that there was a need to say sorry, or you actually miss the person you pretend to not talk.
Or you actually have lost certain people in your life, or maybe you actually love someone a lot more than you can ever love yourself.
Or maybe you need to change something in yourself , maybe your mother was right, maybe you are actually alone, maybe you are suffering from cancer. Or maybe you are the only one to think this much. Or you should call it over thinking.

You make all the realisations you can knowing that when you will sleep, most of them will slip off and might again buzz you when you again slice up your mind next time.

You actually do not taste any particular thing in this part.
This part Is something which when you eat tastes less but influences the most.
Simply enough, it does not taste because it made you realise that now you have things to say and changes to make.

The ‘I should be sleeping’ Part.

It is not like the parts are over.
You have a lot of parts left.
Problems, plans, goals, situations and what not.
But there are four things you actually realise by now,
1.  If you eat more parts of the cake now, it won’t digest. 
Because you have been thinking a lot and this would lead you to again some unsaid , some more imaginations and some more bag full of realisations.
Cycle is going to repeat after all.
2.  That hunger sensation is badly increasing now.
Now if your think more, you might end up falling in love with the whole team of Master chef Australia.

3. Holy Shit! You were sleepy back then. But your mind tricked you to his cake ceremony.

And and and,
Obviously the last realistic thing.
4. It’s almost morning, and you are supposed to wake up early.
Real real early.


The Goodness Chart !

The Goodness Chart.

Since forever, we all are taught about morals.
The importance of goodness, happiness and ofcourse the very prominent statement ‘Honesty is the best policy.’
These lessons although fascinate a big part of our childhood but finally when life happens to all of us, we create our own theories and God knows when we become more of ourselves and less of what we were taught.

Speaking of goodness, it’s a fact that it survives everywhere. Some kill it, some pretend to keep it alive and others just don’t understand how to show it.

The goodness of the world can be categorized.
Basically enough, into five broad categories :

1. The Monomaniac Squad.
These are the loners who have a cascade of affection which will remain clandestine forever.
The reason they hide their ultimate skills of being utterly good Is that they are afraid.
Because people ruined their courage and will to reflect the love they carry.
They have been cheated, hurt and worst they have been pressurized and misunderstood.
They still are a philanthropist. Yet, not alive to that fact much.
Hence, their goodness is something which needs an Alchemist.
You literally have to struggle to believe that the “soft corner” exists.

So,life happened to them
And resultantly they hid their tender part. They became monomaniacs, trust no one but self.

2. The Straightforward squad.
These are the taciturnly arrogant people.
They were amateur back then, but as they gathered maturity, actually no as they were forced to gather maturity due to the situations life had gifted them, they sacrifices their cogence.
They started believing in routine more than affection.
Love scares the shit out of them and closeness is something they think they cannot handle.
Because in the stories of adolescence where people were boozing, they were the ones counting responsibilities in their bag of life.
As an obvious result, they became someone who does not waste even 0.1 second of their time to prove anything to anyone.
But surprisingly enough they get a lot influenced with a lot of activities.
But again the next moment that life long thought of just focusing on their works knocks the door.
Hence they grow up to be taciturn and arrogant.
Straightforward a lot !

3. The Miserable Squad.
The Goat hearted people.
These are ones who resemble the protagonist of every moral science story.
The most innocent ones.
But they forget that,  “A lot of innocence leads surprisingly towards foolishness.”
Their story is melancholic yet they decide to be the good doers.
They are generous, so generous that not even just their belongings belong to them.
Everything what they have is something everyone can take, feeling free about it.
World takes a lot of fun out of them.
Just like we do when we get great deals for free, we take more than we even need.
These golden goats know that they have to be beheaded someday. Yet, they take no step out of what they are.
Hence life happened to them and they let it happen.
Life laughed at them and they optimised about it and smiled back.
They are the real brave hearted people but very very rare to find. Because not everyone is a Noddy in the Toytown.

4. The Gregarious Squad.
The people’s people.
These are the diplomats.
These are those people who take advantage of whatever they have in themselves and then use those things as weapons to take more advantage of the world.
They are the rebellious people. In the deepest layer of their heart they are actually at a revenge with the world.
Mostly because they never had a good day in their initial lives, they couldn’t really taste the their own lemonades and had no more of them.
They are the most dangerous and mysterious people.
They are glib talkers, making you laugh all day and making you completely fall in love with them.
They make sure that you call them your favourite person.
But inside they are a bit of misanthrope and sometimes an egoist.
But dude, you will never find it out, at least not in this life.
They are around you.
The who with least complains, most smiles and best expressions.
They just make your day.
They are ones who really look great. Because the goodness they show is something which they create. Differently for every next person they meet.
They are good, but to that they have a big defense mechanism. Also, they go beyond their face mask in front of a handfuls. So, what you see is not the real part. And will never be.

5. ‘But I’m a good noodle’ Squad.
The confused fakers.
They fuck up almost everytime.
Because they are the blind believers of showing goodness.
They work on motive of faking, they fake everything sometimes even their breaths’.
Just keeping one agenda in their mind, to look good in front of the world. And deep inside they encounter jealousy, pride, enmity and maledictions.
But they will never admit that. They want the world to believe that they are good. And they can do anything to prove that.
They can even murder a man and still, foolishly will expect you to hold their hand and believe that they are good.
Real goodness is something far away from them, still they are actors. Actors of the role they don’t even comprehend.
Ironically, they never agree to what they are. Because life happened to them, and they planned to become something they can never be.
So now they are the ambiguous team.
Beware, these people know nothing of what they are.
They are water, that can become anyone. But one thing is for sure,
At the very end they want you to believe, that they are a good noodle.

How to win an election in India!

Well, the answer is going to be pretty much lame and a lot amateur but trust me on this, it will definitely make a lot of sense. 
Although there exists a lot of ways to win an election in Hindustan because I suspect its the only country where flippancy is powerful than preciseness.
Nevertheless, I sum at four ways.
1. Bucks!
Exactly it is.
We know two India,
One which our textbooks described back in school days and another which actually survives among politics. And the secret is, the second one isn’t that democratic it’s rather plutocratic.
So just be rich as hell.
And for that,
Either be a superstar at your time and as you feel your career slipping and your fame abdicating, slowly roll into politics.
Famous people are always trusted and being a superstar, you are always morally accepted. Not to mention your survival needs motive.

Or, be a multimillionaire.
A business man, who apparently is pulling over ancestral gift (the already setup business) wishing to make investments, not in the share market but in the politics, for a change.
So here is the deal, throw the bucks.
And fill your vote buckets.
That’s the game about. It’s business you do after every five years.

2. Trigger!
A great man once said,”fear lead me to something, love couldn’t.”
But the tip with this method is, it’s the rural area based technique.
Poor people have nothing to lose, but life. Threaten them, get your votes. Walk like a boss, with a loaded gun hidden behind ofcourse.
Use your power and make them your slaves and then as a celebration shower them with ‘desi daaru’ and completely fake promises.
Also keep a lusty eye over the feminine population so that you can play indecent games later, because once you win, you wont have much workload as you planned to do NOTHING.

Another trigger could be of power, for instance, the great khandani raj! Own the whole bloody place and mark your surname as a brand over even the traffic lights.
Create your own world, then you don’t need campaigns for votes.
Competitors won’t mind, after all its all your home.
Sindhiyas, Gandhis, etc

3. Be, Arvind Kejriwal

In short, watch a tollywood movie and completely follow it.
Sacrifice your high paying job and act like you are a disguised James Bond in Lord Ram’s avatar and Bharat Mata is the apparent Sita Mata.
Work with whole of your heart,(arteries, ventricular muscles, auricular muscles and what not)
Very swiftly try to change India and develop big rivals, after month abdicate! show’s over people.
Goodnight now.
And after that keep popping out time to time, to reflect your concern hence, keep giving your contradictory comments about the government in action.

And the last way is,
4. Be, Lalu Prasad Yadav.
Oh where do I start from, Drink a lot of milk maybe?
Have great amounts of tobacco, spit on the road while giving a national interview, have a lot of kids and nominate each step by step, talk about studies? Nah! I should be kidding.
And ‘Bhup’ everyone who says anything.
Own some columns in the newspapers, make controversies and then?
Repeat the same with more tobacco after five years.

And and and , If you are someone who really has a logical and educated plan for that betterment of this nation and genuinely want to he a leader to conjure the economic issues and produce power among the nation, Dude go back home.
You are completely in an alien world.
WO na hopaega!