The school after school.

We look for lessons in the books and for teachers in the school and then obsequiously follow them. Believing that these are lessons, once learned will get us somewhere good. And of course they do, our merit cards easily lead us to the first bench of the class, to the teachers’ favourite squad and to the ‘Apple of the family’s eye’ pedestal.
Life’s easy!
Learn an Archimedes principal, apply a Pythagoras theorem and memorise the world war dates.
Then, attain something hard to find later; Happiness.
And repeat the whole procedure with different topics  of course, for another ten years.
But soon when school gets over, life starts.
And that’s when we realise that most of the illusions we  had are more like balloons filled with water, fragile.
Now is when you encounter life and the rather real teacher ,Time.
And now is when you start to become something your report cards never talked about : You.
Nevertheless you still keep learning the lessons, without classes and grades.
And these lessons are those conclusions which we all conquer someday or another but the journeys and pathways are uncanny and new with each of us.

1. Imperfection is the lead Actor.
David Rackson wisely quoted,
“All this life I have been searching for perfection and have lost not just people but moments.”

They teach us planning and we plan, plan and plan each and everything possible.
The moment a child is born his future is planned.
No doubt human brain runs faster than light energy could ever run.
Since we have mastered the art of domination over the life, we have started demanding perfection.
People often cross limits to attain it.
But has anyone ever realised that no one has actually never won perfection?
If we all look through the flashbacks of our lives , we would hardly find moments of precise perfection.
Because imperfection is something which life offers.
And now if we look back this time, I bet we all have stories to tell.
Realising this makes me feel like all this time I was looking for tropical forests in Antarctica or maybe white people in Uganda.

2. Love is the most misunderstood emotion.

Back in time, like we had a habit of mentioning every sweet wrapped in a paper as “chocolate”.Irrespective of the fact that candies, toffees, gums, jellies, are all different things.
While we grow up, we grab this new habit of calling a lot emotions love. And now we have achieved great levels of bafflement.
To win over this situation we all have produced our own defination of love.
For some it’s equivalent to care, for some it is simply respect and for others it is an incorrigible addiction, for some it is the materialistic matter.
Genuinely, love lost its meaning the day we forgot that it’s hard to find.
It is just a word of four hapless alphabets which is fitted anywhere and used frequently more than even water.
I wonder how we dared diluting the most powerful feeling on this planet!
And yet have the guts to claim it each day as an excuse.

3. People aren’t things.
Hence, people aren’t owned.

Paulo Coelho once said,  “You don’t lose anyone because you don’t own anyone.”

Well, we being humans have a duty to do.
It is make wrong conclusions and then pass them over others so that one day we get a huge population who has lost the truth somewhere in the history and no archaeology can trace it now.
Thinking that we own people is a rather imaginative story.
Or maybe I suspect this is another tricks of ours to exhibit our power over somebody in the exchange of the already wrecked emotion, love.
Who says we no more follow barter system, it’s just that we developed, we trade emotions now instead of wheat and clothes like in history.
We assume , or I should rather frame it precise, we believe that if we offer the love we have to some one, we start owning that particular person. Now it’s my burger, I eat it as I like or maybe my coat I wear it where I want.
Sounds unappealing?
Exactly the point.
Humans evolved 6.9 billion years ago and never have any sign taught us the existence of ownership over anyone.
Melancholy lies in the fact that we first make sure that if the person is ready to be owned, more like we buy cars and then we apply our part of affection.
Is it really a deal?
Or we all are just kidding with each other.
Because if owning is a metaphor for love then I am afraid we are again misunderstanding love.
Because it demands nothing. Do we remember?

More to the fact that there are miraculous things out there which we actually own like, the memories we make, the love we receive, the relations we cannot imagines our lives without and the stories we live.
Owning a person is imagination. However, getting to live and know any person, that is blissful.

The book isn’t over yet. These aren’t just the only lessons we learn, there are more surely.
But one apparent fact is , the classes will have no bells of intervals that chant and you keep learning the parts unconsciously, exams here would not be planned neither the toppers would receive any spotlights and here the report card is something we would make ourselves, mentioning each move of ours which not every one will notice. And this whole process will not repeat, it will instead continue till the final Bell of life rings.