8 Things Indians Do At Which They Can’t Help Themselves.

Child marriages and female infanticide are those famous activities Indians have been known for. However, we all know that’s just not it. Indians believe in believing what cannot be proved most of the times and when it cannot be proved they mostly blame it on  God or ultimately Modi. Another of our lame talents lay in the conclusions we make and the activities we do, here is an interesting and relatable list,

  1. Believing that every South Indian happens to be dark. 12No! “illay”, having a dark skin complexion is not a bonus of being a native of southern India. Skin complexion is a matter of genes and other biological elements affecting the outer appearance of a person. Science dear people, believe it.
  2. Terming those suffering from Vitiligo(skin disorder) a “Foreigner”.Vitiligo VRFVitiligo (vit-ill-EYE-go) is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. This happens because the cells that make pigment (color) in the skin are destroyed. Not because an Indian can overnight become a “foreigner”. This isn’t just lame but definitely rude and insensitive.
  3. Converting Dowry into gifts.maxresdefault

    The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 prohibited Indians from terming their transfer of huge amounts of valuable assets to the groom’s family a dowry! They rather call them gifts exhibiting the purest level of honesty.

  4. Using the term Literally, literally too much.download (1)Every Grammar Nazi must have had insomniac nights after hearing Indians using literally in the place of genuinely or worse in place of seriously. I hope we literally found our mistake now!
  5. Using #throwbackthursday and having no idea about it. screen-shot-2013-05-29-at-11-47-15-am-526x516.pngIt broke my heart to see a picture from last month uploaded with the hash tag ‘throwback Thursday’. Apparently as most don’t know, the picture should be years old, like 5 years old. Not another last summer picture guys!
  6. Avoiding non veg food on particular days.eye-roll-2-delivery-chef_1421231312 Yeah Yeah sure!  Like avoiding chicken on Tuesday will filter all the nutrients of it consumed while eating chicken rest of the week and will magically wash it away.Sure!
  7. Playing a little too much of Humanity vs. Religion373019_225717160812913_1702413669_n Religion is the basis of every next person in India, fearing God is easier to follow rather than fearing the actions against humanity. Religion has the power to decide things as if it is a person granting directions. Moreover, playing it too much, almost everywhere.
  8. Finding it funny to look at Homosexuals.download Homosexuality is neither a crime and definitely not a funny concept. It is just a sexual preference and what makes it funny is the terribly wrong thought processes renting space in the minds of the people.


While we perform more of these activities we display a lot of what we should give up.