Mind Talks

So now you are trying to pour yourself in everything you feel will be worthy.
Now your vanity is disguised as perfection.
Now you are that player who tries to win even the practice  games just to fill the gap of losing the biggest game of his life.
You are suddenly giving chances, risking your idiosyncrasies, believing the things you know aren’t true and secretly wishing all this to be a journey, because destination can’t be this.
Fairly, because you aren’t this too

How easily you sort yourself out, wipe the dust, change your clothes, change the date and believe, change is going to change everything.
Whilst, change is what you are afraid of.
You keep holding hands in promises that you will remain the same, how skilfully ignoring the fact that you are breaking each promise each day.
How we keep swearing over things we know are untrue, because we know,
It’s blur out there.

And then out of the week, there are nights where you sleep out of boredom, nights where you sleep like a baby or snore like an old man.
But then there are nights which kill you with no weapons at all.
Take hard on you, melting your plastic away.
Asking you questions, doubting your pretending skills and asking you, if all this matters which we do, why it never actually did?

And if it never did, what are we doing anyway?

-Ayrisha Sepaha

Ayrisha Sepaha