Your Rhyme.

‘Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.”

You are never properly
accustomed to happiness
Yet you are always
vulnerable to grief.

You are a whole universe on your own.
However, your dearest and bravest heart needs another heart to weep.

And this fear leads the urges forever

Love is what you seek
Apathy is what you admire
And confusion is where you are positioned.

You admit less of your needs
And boast more of your walls,
Walls, you build higher after each heartbreak of yours.

Sometimes your walls consummate you,
Other times they’re attacked and sullied.
Rarest of the times you let them break only to feed the love you think you are going to receive.

You receive love, to your very surprise
You sink into happiness and imagine it for life.

Sometimes you are more into love and less into life
And hence,
You forget you individually survive.

When you are done flattering yourself You see,
It’s winter again.
Cold winter.

Long after when they leave
You realise,
It’s not their absence in your life which influences you, but their presence in someone else’s life.

And you find,
How end is the ultimate lesson of time.

Ayrisha Sepaha


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