Pretentious Flesh.

How often are these eyes used so ironically,
Seeing only the outside.

Particular and stuck
Damned by that shape
Them perfect abs
And skinny ass
Those salad diets and crop tops
To show it
The body, greatly made.

But to improve the mind,
Ah, heart ache.

And to believe that,
The shape of your flesh
Over your not so uniquely shaped skeleton
Means everything.
You’re ready for life.

What about soul detoxification?
About taking soul on a diet, a strict diet?
What if it’s heavier than the body can ever be?
Or has lacked nutrition, pathetically.

These ounces take you no farther than gym.

And that
Short and cute
Tall and dark
These choices based on categories made out of appearances
Black on white isn’t the only racism.

Segregation at it’s worst is nothing but discrimination.

And what about that magic you look for and keep failing.
Because you look for toned legs and flat bellies
More than love, benevolence and butterflies.

But what do we really have,
More or less than a soul?

-Ayrisha Sepaha

Ayrisha Sepaha


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