A Raw Love Letter.


If you’ve chosen me,
you must be non routine.
If you’ve fallen in love with me,
you must be brave.

As I scribble through these lines trying to pour a rather framed, fabricated version of all the disaster that I carry,
I would mention that
If I hold you today,
I’ll hold you even tighter tomorrow.

I’d be interested in everything you are scared  to reveal.
I’d observe what you speak when you look for silence
Or what you feed yourself when you are more than hungry
Or maybe where exactly you hide your demons.

I’d count not your compliments but the number of breaths you take while actually feeling alive.

I’d taste that burnt cookie you got while baking the whole dozen.

I’d tear your make believe personality and look for that misfit inside of you.
To offer the love,
You thought, you’d never receive.

I’d watch you like the moon watches the earth even on the days it doesn’t show itself much.
I’d notice your flickering eyes and your clenching palms and all the reasons behind your response.

And when you change
I’d cling to you,
I’d would hold till it settles
I’d wait till the disaster ends.

And if this universe plays its old tricks and catches upon us.
I won’t be shallow my love.

If you end up in a stranger’s arms
I’d watch you through,
I’d watch you melt and mix into that distant lake, that another love.

I’d watch you with tears in my eyes,
Smile on my face
And grace for you my love,
So much of grace.

-Ayrisha Sepaha

Ayrisha Sepaha


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