You had me at the Goodbye you made.

You had me at Goodbye

I remember you,
My person as you were.
I could see how sometimes,
A few emotions are just so much connected to a single person that they live along and die as that person leaves.
Now, I carry graves.

I remember,
How you watered lilies and waited for roses to blossom.
How you knew everything, every time
Until, it was too late.

I remember,
How you made promises
And I kept them always
Only to find myself holding the most volatile designation in your life.

I could see how people lie between those true lines they say.

I remember,
How you knocked,
Till I opened up
And you watched the blood, flood away.

You smirked at my smiles
And I wished for moments like those all the time.

You bought me a cake
And stole my hunger away.

Oh My dear person,
You had me at the goodbye you made.

As you left,
I watched your foot prints fading away,
For several, several days.

Until, I collected all the love I gave away
Pieces, like burnt pages
My own soulful emotions in lifeless shapes.

You had me at that goodbye you made.

Ayrisha Sepaha


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