That Kind of Love !

  1. Love, well happens to all of us, all of us.
    Although this feeling has remained the same from 13.8 billion years, when the emergence of organisms occurred but the process have faced a lot developments’.
    They say everything is fair in Love and War.
    I suppose, lovers have taken it too seriously and have made their relationships more like a courthouse or some legislation activity, for that matter.
    The constitution of India has 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices(supplementary material) and 98 amendments.
    However I strongly believe or maybe I bet, the typical relationships with that kind of love which doubts the idea of love has a lengthier constitution written in the minds of these kind of lovers.
    I wonder Shakespeare isn’t resting in peace, because of you guys, you realise that people?
    So after days and nights of hard work, I could only gather 6 articles of this kind of constitution. Other so many still remain a mystery and bigger than the evolution of universe I guess!
  2. The discussions
  3. I look around, I see people quarrelling over the stupidest thing ever possible.
    Where people in another part of the world are still skipping meals to discover more planets in the universe.
    These people are quarrelling over a bloody phone call.
    Or more, a text message.
    Pathetic? No, not at all.
    Actually worse than that.
    Indian budget and economy has lesser misfits than the minds of these so very intelligent fools.
  4. 2. The Lunch/Dinner Dates.
    Dates more like exams.
    Not relatable? Well, It is.
    Imagine a date which is forced on you because maybe,
    A. You forgot your lover’s pet dog’s birthday.
    B. You didn’t call last night to say a goodnight. Not to mention, the whole day togetherness and then the expectation of a night call too.
  5. Or C.
    You definitely like some one else picture on facebook.
    I mean how could you.
    You forgot your handcuffs baby?
  6. So these prominently prominent reasons might make you or might compel you to fix up a date.
    Now tell me?
    Relatable, oh yes yes yes!
  7. 3. Shh, The judgement.
    They say love comes with purity and trust.
    I still believe it. Yes I survived after believing it. Although the surroundings keep making me doubtful.
    So,They judge each other.
    The guys who believe that their girlfriends should always look like a movie star, you are worse than immature idiots.
    And the girls who only go out with a guy because of the artificially created hulk body structure.
    You girls, go sleep, just sleep.
    Or both, for heaven’s sake stop calling your cheapest kind of attraction ‘Love’.
  8. 4. The law and order.
    Oh my Goodness,
    India has a democracy, these people don’t.
    These frequently found relationships are based upon a proper law and order.
    There are articles, acts and amendments.
    Theoretical too much?
    Truth actually.
    No social media, no friends outing, no hangouts with opposite sex (based on the assumption :because you’ll end up sleeping with them.),
    No talking to new girls and guys. And no breathing, oh that isn’t there?
    Well I just thought.
    And the best part of the constitution of these kind of love is, these laws are followed. We have no protests found till now.
  9. 5. The mandatories.
    Things which you do, when you cannot oppose.
    And if you do, point 2 repeats !
    The compelled hugs, the routine chanting of night and morning texts with the same monotonous tone like we used to mug up the science answers back in primary school.
    The talking for the sake of talking, no happiness generated but rule is followed.
    Leaving friends, fun and parents.
    Talking, faking and repeating.
    Why? Only God knows.
  10. 6. The evidences.
    These are the relations where the most powerful statement is not just enough.
    I mean, iloveyou is not what they call the proof for their love is.
    Aliens! These people are aliens or I am probably.
    The proof they provide for their love include,
    A. Expensive, non occasional dates.
    Seriously? A shepherd’s pie for 1500 bucks and a cocktail will prove the love.
    That’s so damn stupid and so damn easy.
  11. B. Gifts.
    No not just on birthday. But almost everyday.
    Do they talk to the gifts or something?
    So does that mean whatever I want I can achieve it with gifts.
    Then,What the hell am I wasting time for man?
  12. C. Social media.
    They have numbers, (of course, I guess)
    They talk ( A lot more than necessary, I guess)
    Then why they post all the love they have over social media, generally to burn up the ex or to flaunt the fake-ish lines.
  13. However, I still believe love is a prodigious and miraculously feeling. And this, is something which I would never call love. And I’m sure someone really in love too, wouldn’t.
    Love isn’t about any of this.
    Of all that I’ve known, it’s incomparable.
    Hence, there is a difference between the love which everyone does and the love which everyone else does.