The object of interest.

“You float motionless Like a raft above the sea I swim deep, Depth seems the surface for me. You’re ashamed of my chaos I’m ashamed of your peace. I seek apologies For letting go of you Several times that now it looks routine. But did you ever realise? You are the wind which moves away in no time. You stay as if you aren’t here You love as if it isn’t a pain. Sadly enough, You hide the parts which should be showed, most. Naked you Is a lie you tell to people. Who seek pleasure in what their eyes … Continue reading The object of interest.

Self, what’s up?

Funny how you feed your empty stomach and feel full till throat but there is a vanity inside you, challenging you always because you couldn’t, you tried and failed numerous times now. You don’t even know if that’s emptiness or it is actually vacuum. Because no force in the world seems to fill in that space. It’s magnetic there , You fail in front of your self. What do they talk about self cure ?  Funny how you know the solution but it never seems to apply to you. Even funnier how you keep filling gaps and pathetically ignore your … Continue reading Self, what’s up?

All Statements in this blog are Comical, No Narcissists were harmed during writing. :P

”Narcissism could be a religion but then who will wait light years to finally see who wins the leader’s chair” A Narcissistic person is a type of invention you don’t intend to do. It happens, and when it happens, it shows. Psychology terms this person having a disorder but trust me you might not wanna argue about it to a real Narcissist. You gotta be unarmed. No don’t get me wrong, they aren’t those threatening bunch of bullies but they are actually. However, what they do is all in the mind and all about the mind. These are the people … Continue reading All Statements in this blog are Comical, No Narcissists were harmed during writing. ūüėõ

Mind Talks

So now you are trying to pour yourself in everything you feel will be worthy. Now your vanity is disguised as perfection. Now you are that player who tries to win even the practice¬† games just to fill the gap of losing the biggest game of his life. You are suddenly giving chances, risking your idiosyncrasies, believing the things you know aren’t true and secretly wishing all this to be a journey, because destination can’t be this. Fairly, because you aren’t this too How easily you sort yourself out, wipe the dust, change your clothes, change the date and believe, … Continue reading Mind Talks

A Race To Win Nothing.

“It takes a lot to kill a person and it takes a lot more to kill him while he is still alive.” Once when I was five, I remember I lost a competition where I had to draw a fish. I drew a fish but I pictured it in a plate because that’s how i had seen it. I lost of course, cause I never realised all that matters is winning the game even if you lose in life. What is your story? Or do you even have a story? Or let me guess, you are copying someone else’s story? … Continue reading A Race To Win Nothing.

You go to bed with incomplete answers, uncooked questions and ambiguous conclusions. And you promise yourself a beauty sleep. You let your self surrender to sleep only when you leave your self exhausted. Exhausted not with anyone, but self. You threaten that little devil inside you to shut up, Because it constantly makes you impatient whilst things around are completely normal. But fuck it. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy normal. It’s like those parents who have imagined a different life, a different career for you. And hence, ending up making you feel regretful about everything else you do. Everything … Continue reading

“I kept cussing my soul for it was unleashed now. It kept racing and crossing the limits I maintained, since¬† forever. Possession tricked me, Love, already swallowed me half. However, the consequences, I’m afraid are not the kind to be openly shared. For they won’t be as pleasing as literature. Diabolical they might be, I conceive a doubt. Perhaps ugly too. But then again, they follow you, My love. Hence, As devastated I might sound I promise, It still keeps me. Keeps me obsequent And feeds on my innocence. Possession occurred to me in abundance which I am not accustomed … Continue reading

8 Things Indians Do At Which They Can’t Help Themselves.

Child marriages and female infanticide are those famous activities Indians have been known for. However, we all know that’s just not it. Indians believe in believing what cannot be proved most of the times and when it cannot be proved they mostly blame it on ¬†God or ultimately¬†Modi.¬†Another of our lame talents lay in the conclusions we make and the activities we do, here is an interesting and relatable list, Believing that every South Indian happens to be dark.¬†No! “illay”, having a dark skin complexion is not a bonus of being a native of southern India. Skin complexion is a … Continue reading 8 Things Indians Do At Which They Can’t Help Themselves.

The school after school.

We look for lessons in the books and for teachers in the school and then obsequiously follow them. Believing that these are lessons, once learned will get us somewhere good. And of course they do, our merit cards easily lead us to the first bench of the class, to the teachers’ favourite squad and to the ‘Apple of the family’s eye’ pedestal. Life’s easy! Learn an Archimedes principal, apply a Pythagoras theorem and memorise the world war dates. Then, attain something hard to find later; Happiness. And repeat the whole procedure with different topics  of course, for another ten years. … Continue reading The school after school.